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Hotel- tourist company "Vujic Divcibare" was founded in December 2006. Guided by the motto "Beauty arisen", in the beginning of 2007 we started to make significant investments in tourist object of air bath Divcibare. The plateau which, through force of circumstances, has lost its old glow during past years, now is rapidly regaining a position it deserves on tourist map of Serbia. In a very short period, using up-to-date materials and sloutions, HTD "Vujic" totally reconstructed the most important hotel building on the mountain - hotel "Divcibare". This four-star hotel was officially opened and blessed by Bishop Milutin in November 2007. Rest home for children "Mladost" was also reconstructed in record time. Besides these two object, there are also hotel "Maljen" and rest home "Crni Vrh" working within HTD "Vujic".
We started construction of a congress center, one of a kind in Serbia, designed by School of Architecture in Belgrade, on the area of 20.000 square meters. With a hotel capacity of 300 beds and all accompanying programmes, this center will significantly promote supply of congressional tourism in Serbia.

We are also planning to reconstruct open pool, to build sports and recreation center in the vicinity of "Maljen" hotel, as well as various types of running tracks.
Within hotel- tourist company "Vujic Divcibare" work hotel "Divcibare" with 250 beds, hotel "Maljen" with 120 beds, rest home "Crni Vrh" with 120 beds, rest home "Mladost" with 100 beds. HTD "Vujic" employs 120 workers, with a tendency of increasing that number after implementation of  planned investments.
In this moment, HTD "Vujic" is an absolute leader of tourism development in this part of Serbia.  A vision this company aims to is a modern tourist center developing in accordance with a modern man needs, but not to the detriment of natural beauties of Divcibare plateau.

HTD "Vujic Divcibare" is a part of a company "Vujic Valjevo" founded in 1973 by brothers, Vidoje and Vladislav Vujic. Years of successful business and ambitious strategic goals contributed that today, besides HTD  "Vujic Divcibare", within  the company  "Vujic Valjevo" succesfully work factory for production of PVC windows and doors - one of the leading in this area in Serbia, factory for bottling of Petnica's spring non-carbonated water "Vujic Voda" with annual capacity of 120 milions of liters,  AD "Sloga" Valjevo with its hotels "Grand", "Beli narcis", "Jablanica", café barroom "Central" and restaurants "Sumadija" and "Petnicka pecina", "Vujic televizija", local television station founded in 1997, which became regional television station in 2007 by a decision of Republic Agency for radio programmes broadcasting, football club "Vujic Voda" which is successfully competing in serbian league and basketball club "Vujic Metalac" competing in the first B league of Serbia.

"Vujic Valjevo" company is recognizable by its donations and numerous charitable, cultural, sport and religious activities.